The 19th Melbourne Money and Finance Conference was held in July 2014 and featured papers on the topic Current Issues in Australian Financial Markets

Papers presented at the Conference:

Trends in Australian Corporate Financing

International Linkages: Financial Markets and Technology

The cost of the Federal Government guarantee of Australia’s commercial banks

Creating the ASX Bookbuild Facility: Principles, Hurdles, Successes and Implications for Policy

The implications of complexity for systemic risk in the superannuation system

The Virtue of Saving

Designing retirement products: One size does not fit all!

If New Zealand needs macro‐prudential polices to control house prices, why doesn’t Australia need them?

The Future of Securitisation


The Melbourne Money and Finance Conference is a unique conference series that brings together invited academics, industry participants and regulators under the Chatham House rule to discuss specially prepared and selected papers on emerging matters of significance in the finance sector.