The 18th Melbourne Money and Finance Conference was held in July 2013 and featured papers on the topic Financial Sector Evolution – Prospect and Determinants

Papers presented at the Conference:

Is the Financial Sector Too Big?

Restoring a Level Playing Field for Defined Benefits Superannuation

Measuring Retirement Savings Adequacy in Australia

Does Private Equity have a Role in Superannuation Portfolios?

The Problems with Investment Advice

How Will Basel 3 and Associated Regulatory Changes Affect the Investment Strategies of Superannuation Funds

Risk-On Risk-Off: How Does Risk-On Risk-Off Affect Returns to the Australian Stock Market?

Consumer Lending – Implications of New Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Affordability of Natural Disaster Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Macro Prudence And Macroprudential Supervision?

Shadow Banking: Australian and International Experience Around Times of Financial Stress and Regulatory Reform


The Melbourne Money and Finance Conference is a unique conference series that brings together invited academics, industry participants and regulators under the Chatham House rule to discuss specially prepared and selected papers on emerging matters of significance in the finance sector.