Melbourne Money and Finance Conference 2018 – “Business Finance: Current Issues and Developments”

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Date(s) - 09/07/18 - 10/07/18
All Day


Brighton Savoy Conference Centre,
150 Esplanade

23rd Melbourne Money & Finance Conference 2018
Business Finance: Current Issues and Developments

MMFC2018 Program & Discussants (as at 11/7/18)

The availability and cost of finance for business, particularly SMEs, is a recurring theme in Australian economic debate, with implications for business investment, international competitiveness, and viability of smaller enterprises. At the current time, there are a number of recent and prospective developments which make the area particularly topical. These include access to corporate bond market funding, the role of alternative (fintech lenders), crowd funding (equity/debt) developments, as well as debates about the impact of bank regulation and taxation on business finance.

This year’s MMFC will include information from the RBA on sources of finance used by Australian businesses, updates on current and prospective developments in corporate bond and syndicated lending markets, and a number of papers focusing upon debt financing for SMEs.  A panel session will discuss FinTech developments affecting access of small business external financing.

Day 1 (Monday 9th July)

  1. D1P1 – The Financial Life-cycle of Business (RBA)
  2. D1P2 – Developments in Corporate Debt Capital Markets: Bond Funding Opportunities Evolve for Australian Corporates (NAB)
    D1P2 – Brad Scott Paper Final
    D1P2 – Brad Scott PPT final
  3. D1P3 – Syndicated Loans – A Stable Cornerstone of Debt Capital Financing Strategies (CBA)
  4. D1P4 – Should Super Funds Do More Direct Lending? (ISA)
  5. D1P5 – Public Sector Role in Supporting Business Lending: An Operational Perspective (AFSA)
  6. D1P6 – Government Financial Assistance as a catalyst for Private Financing (DIIS)
    D1P6 – Sasan Bakhtiari Paper Final
    D1P6 – Sasan Bakhtiari PPT
  7. D1P7 – The Demise of SME Banking (Judo Capital)
    D1P7 – Joseph Healy Paper Final
  8. Panel – Fintechs and Small Business Finance
    NO Paper or PPT
  9. Dinner Speaker: Dr Stephen King, Commissioner, Productivity Commission
    Presentation – Dr Stephen King – Data technology and competition

Dr Stephen King addresses MMFC attendees

Day 2 (Tuesday 10th July)

  • D1P1 – Export Finance – an enabler of International Trade? (EFIC)
    NO Paper or PPT
  • D2P2 – Injecting More Equity Capital Investment into SMEs in Australia (AVCAL)
    No Paper
  • D2P3 – Emerging Trends in Business Finance: AFIA Perspective (AFIA)
    D2P3 – Helen Gordon Paper Final
    D2P3 – No PPT
  • D2P4 – Open For Better – Applying Open Banking ti Small Business Banking (KWM)

Monday 9th (9am – 9pm including Dinner) and Tuesday 10th (8.30 – 11.30am finish) July, 2018
Brighton Savoy Conference Centre

MMFC2018 Program & Discussants (as at 11/7/18)


The Melbourne Money and Finance Conference (MMFC) has been conducted since the late 1980s.

This unique conference series brings together invited academics, industry participants and regulators under the Chatham House rule to discuss specially prepared and selected papers on emerging matters of significance in the finance sector. The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS – now a part of Monash Business School) has been hosting the conference since the Centre was established in 2005.

The theme of the conference is selected annually and is aligned with the current issues affecting the financial services industry. The Conference is by invitation only, and limited to between 70 – 80 individuals (one third from academia, one third from industry, one third from regulatory bodies).

The standard format for the conference is that 11 or 12 papers of the specified theme are presented to and discussed by the audience. The conference is held in Melbourne and runs for 1.5 days with an optional welcome dinner on the preceding night and a conference dinner on the first night.

The success of this conference series can be attributed to the calibre of delegates attending and the quality of discussion among the delegates under the Chatham House rule. Through the open exchange of views and opinions from delegates of various backgrounds, many of whom are Australia’s foremost experts in finance,

MMFC has been successful in anticipating key developments in the Australian and global financial services sector, affecting public policy and academic research in the industry.

Papers presented at past conferences have been published in books and academic journals individually or together as a special conference edition. Annually, JASSA, Finsia’s quarterly Journal of Applied Finance publishes an issue devoted to papers from MMFC. Papers are also available online on the ACFS website.

The MMFC in 2018 is sponsored by APRA and the RBA.

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The Melbourne Money and Finance Conference is a unique conference series that brings together invited academics, industry participants and regulators under the Chatham House rule to discuss specially prepared and selected papers on emerging matters of significance in the finance sector.