Dear Colleagues,

Dr Deep Kapur

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Deep Kapur to the role of Professor (Practice) and Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS). This appointment follows an extensive search internationally, followed by a rigorous assessment by a selection committee.

Dr Kapur has been an Adjunct Professor (Practice) with Monash Business School since November 2016.

During this short time he has played a critical role in developing the connectivity of ACFS with industry, business, government and professional bodies across Australia and Asia.

Dr Kapur has a PhD in economics from the Australian National University, conferred in 1989. Following the completion of his PhD he moved into the corporate sector in the institutional investment industry where he has held a variety of senior roles in portfolio management, research and business management.

He has held Managing Director positions with several top-tier institutions, including Salamon Smith Barney (now Citigroup Global Markets), Daiwa Capital Markets and Symphony Financial Partners. More recently he founded Lucem Capital, Singapore, a principal investing and advisory business.

Dr Kapur’s extensive corporate sector experience includes leading research units, managing externally funded research budgets and supervising large research teams.

We believe the ACFS will benefit substantially from Dr Kapur’s very recent experience within the venture capital industry, which gives him first-hand knowledge of the issues facing the very sector in which the ACFS engages.

Dr Kapur plans an exciting research agenda for ACFS, focusing on critical issues facing the financial sector, such as technological disruption and impact investing. He will further build on the current active research programs in superannuation, asset management, insurance and banking and capital markets.

He will officially begin his tenure towards the end of this year. Until then, Professor Edward Buckingham will act as Interim Director. I would also like to take this opportunity to warmly thank Professor Rod Maddock, who has acted in this role from August 2016 to April 2017.

Professor Gary Magee
Deputy Dean (Research)

Monash Business School