ACFS Commissioned Paper Series 2017 – Call for applications

ACFS is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from academics at affiliated universities* for the preparation of research papers on the following topics. ACFS will commission up to three papers – ideally one each exploring issues in the areas of banking, insurance, and funds management/superannuation.

An amount of $12,500 (including GST) will be payable to successful applicants.

EOIs should be no more than 1,000 words in length and should contain: an overview of how the paper is expected to be structured; key issues to be addressed (including any not listed in the topic overviews below); and a description of the capability of the researcher(s) to deliver a high quality, relevant, timely paper. The closing date for EOIs is 5:00pm AEST, Tuesday 19 December.


Research topics


  • Foreign banks in Australia: what difference have they made?
  • Australian banking research: a review of post-2000 literature.
  • With hindsight, were government support measures in the GFC (the debt guarantee, OAFM support of the securitisation market, etc) wisely structured?

Funds management/ superannuation

  • Efficient markets: what does the current state of academic research tell us?
  • Social impact investing.
  • Superannuation trustees.
  • How will recent changes to superannuation regulation impact upon the future structure of the Australian financial system?
  • MySuper: Has it delivered on its promise?


  • Health insurance: what are the implications of bringing health regulation into the purview of APRA?
  • Health insurance sector competition.
  • Cyber risk insurance.
  • Implications of fintech.


Please read the attached Call for Applications for detailed information.

* Affiliated universities as of May 2016 are Monash University, RMIT University, the University of Melbourne and the University of South Australia.

ACFS Commissioned Paper Series 2017 – Call for applications