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About ACFS

The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) is a public-interest research centre within the Monash Business School.
ACFS undertakes its own research and acts as a bridge between academia, industry and government across a wide range of finance related questions.

The research is accessible, evidence-based and independent, and aims to inform public policy, community debate and industry practice.
The research topics are directed by industry and government, and gathered through the support of a strong group of external stakeholders who participate in the Advisory Board, and various working groups.
The work is mainly funded by external contributions though supplemented by support from Monash.

In addition to our research, ACFS acts as a platform for collaboration by experts across academia, industry and government. Through this, ACFS supports Australia as an international centre for finance practice, research and education. We do this through our major ongoing projects including Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific, Australian Equities Database, the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, the CSIRO-Melbourne Superannuation Research Cluster and Funding Australia’s Future, as well as through research and dialogue arranged with and through our stakeholder network.


To serve the public interest by undertaking evidence-based research, collaborating constructively across sectors, and promoting insightful dialogue around important financial-sector issues.